Nulgath Event
Adventurer we have a new problem. Unfortunately the darkness is back and this time its power is even greater, we still don't know what its objective is but we need your help to contain it again, do you accept the challenge?

New Updates

New Maps: /join Nulgath and /join NulgathBattle

New Title: Nulgath's Lord

New Class: CardClasher

New title screen

New shop for Daily Login

Updated the amount of items needed in the Rebirth Shop

Referral Friends (generate referral link here)
Dragons Event
Hello Adventurer, are you ready for a new journey?

For some mysterious reason the Dragons are losing control and starting to attack other races, we ask for your help to contain them and find out the reason behind this behavior.

New Updates

New map: /join Dragons

New Class: Ancient Dragonslayer
Miltonius Event
Hello adventurer, from today we will have a new challenge in the game so get ready to start your adventure in the underworld.

New Updates

Added 2 new maps: /join Miltonius and /join MiltoniusBattle

Changes to Adventurer Merge Shop in Battleon: Added 4 new Boosts, to get them them it is necessary to get the Zardman Fisher's Heart from the boss in /join Newbie and have 1000 DoomCoins
AW Beta Phase
Welcome to the ArmagedomWorlds beta phase, we are always striving to bring you the best content and updates. In honor of the launch of the server, we provide an exclusive Redeem Code called BetaPlayer.

For more information and updates follow the server in our Discord Server.

Important: Beta Phase will end in 2022/11/05