Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How can I report a bug/glitch ? You can report on our Discord Server or speak directly to a member of staff.

I have suggestions for AW, how can I send them ? You can post them on our Discord Server or speak directly to a staff member.

How do I get Vip ? Purchasing from the "Crystals Shop" store within the game and through Redeem Codes or Packages.

General Questions

How do I get Doom Coins(DCs) ? You get Doom Coins(DCs) through Monsters, Quests, Redeem Codes, Rankigs or Packages.

How do I get Blood Crystals(BCs) ? Purchasing from our Store, via the Crystal Box item or as a Ranking reward.

When do you have new Events ? We will always have 1 or 2 events per month and also commemorative date events.

Player Accounts

How can I change my Password ? You can change your Password at this link.

How can I change my Username ? You can change your Username in this link, but it costs 300 BCs.

How can I change my Email ? You can change your Email at this link.

Player Accounts

Can I share, trade or sell my account ? Yes, but it's your choice and your responsibility, so if you have a problem with your partner that's between the two of you and the AW Staff is not responsible for these situations.

My account was hacked/stolen/lost! What do I do ? You can try to recover it through this link or contact a staff member.

Player Accounts

Can you unban my account ? We can only unban an account if you show evidence that it was unfairly banned. If you have such evidence, please contact a member of the Staff.

I lost my items, now what ? We have no way to recover the items, but if you have a print with them we can put them back in the account.


Is it safe to buy here ? Yes. We use PayPal to carry out transactions.

How long does it take to receive Blood Crystals(BCs) ? It usually takes 1 to 3 days. If it takes more than 3 days, please contact a staff member.


Can I get a refund ? We do not provide refunds under any circumstances. The purchase of Blood Crystals (BCs) in Armageddon Worlds is voluntary, and if the Player doesn't want it, he doesn't need to buy it. If you are banned for violating server rules, you will not get a refund. If you don't like the service, you will not get a refund. It is not mandatory to purchase Blood Cystals(BCs) in Armageddon Worlds to enjoy the game, this is completely optional and at your own risk.