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Skull Star Sword
FlameStop Blade
Blade of Destiny
WorldBreaker Sword
Golden Supreme Sword
Skydrite Sword
Venom DragonBlade
Runic Blade
Sword of Drust
Shock Blade
Ultimate Void Sword
Legion Flesh Ripper
Cyber Blade of Sanctity
Star Sword CC
Crowler Sword
Plasma Pyro Blade
Crystal Sword
True Mortal Sword
Pain of Doom
PainSaw of Eidolon
Legion DragonBlade
Ancient Balrog Blade
Ancient Star Sword
Lady Blade
Ultimate Nanana
Rose Thorn Blade
The Blade of Savior
Prismatic Techno StarSword
Fire Star Sword
Electric Skull Blade
Legion Paragon Blade
Banana Thorn Blade
Nulgath Evil Sword
Lunar Sand Sword
Dark Platinum Blade
Infernal Void Katana
Evolved Caladbolg
Scakk Slayer
Chaotic Lightning Katana
Primal Dread Saw of Miltonius
Betrayal Blade of Miltonius
Sinister Leech Blade of Miltonius
Bloodletter of Miltonius (Sword)
Simple Champion Blade
Star Sword
Randors Blade
Phoenix Blade
Legendary Magma Sword
Korin Sword
Golden Star Sword
Balrog Blade
Commercial Sword
Ghostly Legion Reaper Blade
Chib Sword
Holy Knight Sword
Dragon Exultant Staff
Golden Supreme Staff
Legion Soul Reaper
Miltonius Spear
Demonic Scythe
Golden Supreme Spear
Lunar Sand Spear
Demon Spear
Shadow Spear of Miltonius
Cursed Trident
Rixty Reaper of Miltonius
Mace of Worlds Red
Mace of Worlds Black
Mace of Worlds Blue
Dual Scakk Slayer
Ultimate FieryPierce
Dual Simple Champion Blade
Dual Star Sword
Double Oblivion Sword
Dual Golden Star Sword
NechoTech Bionic Fists
Ultimate Evil Daggers
Golden Supreme Daggers
Lunar Sand Daggers
Combat Daggers
Prismatic Zealith Reaver
Dual Runic Blade
Dual Ancient Balrog Blade
Dual Omni Blade
Dual Dark Slayer
Bloodletter of Miltonius
Soul Bow
Mujin Platinum Axe
Rotting Naval Guitar
Red Naval Guitar
Lunar Sand Axe
GrimBlight of Destiny
Miltonius Ultimate Skull Axe
Bearded Axe of Miltonius
Valkress Cape
Enhanced Rings of Colors
The Rising Savior
Furled Fury Wings
Plasma Pyro Cape
Pyromancer Wings
Jolly Roger Cape
Chrono Clock CC
Prometheus Rings
Open Lunar Sandwings
Dark Spirit Cape
Dark Phoenix Wings
Heretic Cape
Golden Moglin Cape
Archfiend Cloak Of Miltonius
Mirror Oblivion Cape
Dread Heads of Miltonius
Eternal Flame
Runic Cape
Demonic Flame
Dread Hair
Lunar Sand Wave
Runic Caster Face
Ultimate Lich King Helm
Blood Naval Hat
Chaos Claws Helm
Arctic Dragonslayer Trophy
Shattered Face of Thanatos
Voltaire Hat Bearded
Mask of the Savior
Valor High Halo
Dragon Morph Helm
Heretic Helm
Vestige of Miltonius
Wild Shades
Mask of Thanatos
Prometheus Helm
Plasma Pyro Helm
Aviators Hair
Commander Hair
Lycan Ear's
Webbed Locks
Laken Helm
Necho-Neko Locks
Neon Dark Caster Hair
Face of Thanatos
Wedding Cake
Sword Pet of Drust
Baby Dragon Chaos
Armored Platinum Dragon
Doom Pet Shop
Void Avatar Pet
Oblivion Blade of Miltonius
Primal Orb
Arcane Orb
Shadow Orb
Blood Orb
Father of Lich King
Devil In Suit
Avatar Bank Pet
Neon Sword Pet
Golden Phoenix
Platinum Dragon
Fiend Pet
DragonCorn Pet
Doom Warrior Pet
Caladbolg Bank Pet
Nightmare Grenwog
Dage BrutalCorn Rider
Darkblood Blade Pet
Dark Cat of Ares
Golden Walker
Golden Walker (No Quest)
Golden Dog
Steampunk Dragon
Miniature Necromancer
Flying CandyCorn
Sin of Revontheus
Paragon Pet
Cysero's Wedding Cake
Vip XP Boost! (1 day) (x1)
GvG Coins Fragment (x6)
Boss Coins Fragment (x1)
Evil Gem (x525)
Miltonius Fragment (x15)
PVP Points (x10)
Power Fragment (x112)
Royal Pass (x56)
Demons Bag (x80)
DeathKnight Soul (x1)
Shadow Soul (x1)
Blood (x5)
Mutant (x2)
Dragon Bones (x606)
Armor Fragment (x1)
Class Fragment (x1)
Weapon Fragment (x1)
Pet Fragment (x1)
Nulgath Fragment (x200)

Classes & Armors

Sacred Knight (Rank 10)
Beta Berserker (Rank 10)
Alpha Pirate (Rank 2)
PvP Master (Rank 10)
Adventurer (Rank 10)
Chronomancer (Rank 10)
Chaos Imperator (Rank 6)
WB Shadow (Rank 10)
Corrupted Hero (Rank 10)
Royal Armor
Dragon Morph
Angel Avengers Team
WB Shadow Armor
Laken Armor
Plasma Pyro
Platinum Flame Armor
Legion Jolly Roger
Ultimate Lich King
Dark Angel Naval Commander
Neon Dark Caster
Dark Masquerade
Lunar Sand Knight
Dark Naval Commander
Alpha Pirate
Undead Paladin
Not Draft Punk
Celestial Sandknight
Mirror Drakath
Master Soulweaver
Chaos Symbiote Armor
Chaos Claws Suit
Runic Caster
Arcane Hex of Miltonius
Prismatic Composer Armor
Evolved Dragonlord
Fire Elemental
Golden Naval Commander
Mariachi Armor
Cyber Hunter
Randor the Red (Male Only)
Death Necromancer Knight
Dread Lord
Blood Hawk Team
Mad Scientist