Jv7's character page

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Sacred Sword
Legion Paragon Blade
Ultimate Sword
Soul Harvesting Spear
Dual Dark Slayer
Sacred Dagger
Obsidian Katana
Rotting Naval Guitar
Sacred Wings
Demon Cape
Doom Fire
Runic Cape
Sacred Mask
Crystal Naval Hat (F)
Crystal Naval Hat (M)
Frosted Spikes
Viking Chop Helm
Platinum Dragon
Sin of Revontheus
Golden Dog
Paragon Pet
Royal Pass (x95)
Evil Gem (x4856)
Miltonius Fragment (x10)
Mutant (x6)
Blood (x2)
Demons Bag (x58)

Classes & Armors

Sacred Knight (Rank 9)
Alpha Pirate (Rank 3)
Beta Berserker (Rank 4)
Adventurer (Rank 10)
Sacred Knight Armor
Crystal Naval Commander
Alpha Pirate
Prismatic Blood