Fev's character page

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Sacred Sword
Ultimate Sword
Ultimate Legion Doomblade
Legion Paragon Blade
Evolved VIP Sword
Werepyre Slayer Sword
Demonic Sword
Dark Skull Blade
Toxic Sepulchure Blade
Ultimate Fire Sword
Shock Blade
Black Red Light Sword
Star Sword CC
Cyber Blade of Sanctity
Skull Star Sword
Golden Light Sword
Bloodletter of Miltonius (Sword)
Betrayal Blade of Miltonius
Ghostly Legion Reaper Blade
Commercial Sword
Chib Sword
Holy Knight Sword
Infernal Void Katana
Electric Skull Blade
Demonic Scythe
Rixty Reaper of Miltonius
Obsidian Katana
Dual Evolved VIP Sword
Dual Ultimate Fire Sword
Ultimate FieryPierce
Dual Black Red Light Sword
Dual Dark Slayer
Bloodletter of Miltonius
Dual Sword of Drust
Stone Axe of Time
GrimBlight of Destiny
Sacred Wings
Demon Cape
Eternal Flame
Enhanced Rings of Colors
Plasmatic Fix Cape
Mixed Light Sword Cape
Demonic Flame
Wings of Erebus
Closed Celestial Sandwings
Dark Spirit Cape
Werepyre Slayer Wings
Sacred Mask
Crystal Naval Hat (F)
Crystal Naval Hat (M)
Voltaire's Flaming Tophat
LichLord Helm
Ascended Face of Chaos
Werepyre Slayer Helm
No Face
Blood Guard of Miltonius
Phoenix Hand Turkey
Baby Mana Demon
Miku Pet
Lag Flame
Golden Walker (No Quest)
Steampunk Dragon
Void Quibble Bank Pet
Paragon Pet
DragonCorn Pet
Blood Orb
Golden Dog
Evil Gem (x1253)
Shadow Soul (x24)
Power Fragment (x225)
Box Fragments (x100)
DeathKnight Heart (x1)
Shadow Class (x1)
Blood (x3)
Evasion Potion (x1)
Dark Soul (x4)
Chaos (x9)
Demons Bag (x80)
Rebirth Coin (x5)
Boss Coins Fragment (x7)
Chaos Class (x5)
Royal Pass (x91)
PVP Token (x49)
Miltonius Fragment (x470)
PVP Points (x4)

Classes & Armors

Sacred Knight (Rank 10)
Beta Berserker (Rank 10)
Alpha Pirate (Rank 9)
Chaos Imperator (Rank 10)
Sacred Knight Armor
Crystal Naval Commander
FBI Suit
Valkyric Glory Armor
Amethyst Blood Void
Vampire Armor
Dark Angel Naval Commander
Laken Armor
Prismatic Blood
Legion Jolly Roger
Blue Legend
Dread Lord
Death Necromancer Knight
Werepyre Slayer Armor
Fire Elemental
Ghost Flame
Prismatic Composer Armor
Blood of Miltonius