Avatalevi357's character page

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Venom DragonBlade
Golden Supreme Sword
Skydrite Sword
Golden Supreme Staff
Golden Supreme Spear
Lunar Sand Spear
Infernal Caladbolg Daggers
Golden Supreme Daggers
Lunar Sand Daggers
Dual Scakk Slayer
Eternal Flame
Ancient Dragonslayer Cape
Arcane Dark Lord Skull
Voltaire's Flaming Tophat
Viking Chop Helm
Ancient Dragonslayer Helm
Void Quibble Bank Pet
Paragon Pet
Golden Dog
Wedding Cake
Luck Box (x1)
Royal Pass (x54)
Shadow Soul (x19)
Power Fragment (x16)
DeathKnight Soul (x7)
Chaos (x10)
Evil Gem (x1828)
Demons Bag (x11)
Shadow Class (x1)
Chaos Class (x1)
Miltonius Fragment (x119)
Dragon Bones (x1000)
Dragon Soul (x1)
Box Fragments (x15)
Shadow Kill (x1)
Pet Fragment (x1)
Class Fragment (x1)
Weapon Fragment (x1)
Armor Fragment (x1)
Cape Fragment (x1)
Helm Fragment (x1)

Classes & Armors

Sacred Knight (Rank 10)
Beta Berserker (Rank 10)
Alpha Pirate (Rank 7)
Adventurer (Rank 10)
Chaos Imperator (Rank 10)
Esoteric Anarchist
Formal Vampire
Prismatic Blood