Alucard's character page

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Shock Blade
Akunamy's Katana
Demonic Sword
Abyssal Sword
Onigiri Katana
Bloodletter of Miltonius (Sword)
Runic Blade
Mace of Worlds Black
Obsidian Katana
Asgardian Hammer & Shield
Bloodletter of Miltonius
Dual Runic Blade
Eternal Flame
White Feather Wings
Archfiend Cloak Of Miltonius
Locks of Tomix
Lavastorm Lord Horns
Asgardian Helm
Eclipse Viewer
Arctic Dragonslayer Trophy
Hex Mask of Miltonius
Baby Frost Dragon
Quibble Bank Pet
Paragon Pet
Flying Legion Skull
Blood Orb
Arcane Orb
Oblivion Blade of Miltonius
Primal Orb
Shadow Orb
Inverse Hound
Daily CP Boost! (1 hour) (x1)
Vip CP Boost! (1 day) (x1)
DeathKnight Soul (x12)
Power Fragment (x2776)
Shadow Soul (x10)
Chaos (x61)
Chaos Class (x5)
Angels Bag (x35)
Shadow Class (x1)
Miltonius Fragment (x39)
PVP Points (x1)
Dragon Bones (x388)
Evil Gem (x9)

Classes & Armors

Sacred Knight (Rank 10)
Alpha Pirate (Rank 5)
Beta Berserker (Rank 10)
Adventurer (Rank 9)
Alpha Pirate
Argardian Plate
Not Draft Punk
Dark Caster
Blue Legend
Esoteric Anarchist
Arcane Hex of Miltonius