Armagedom Worlds
Armagedom Worlds is a free-to-play web browser-based MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) with brand-new weekly releases, real-time combat, challenging quests, beautiful cinematic cut-scenes, thousands of equipable items, interchangeable Classes, and an entire world to explore.
Journey Event
The event will be permanent and will have new updates over time.

New Updates

New Maps: /join Journey and /join Coliseum.

New Titles: Rich (increases Gold by 10%), Millionaire (increases Gold by 50%), Billionaire (increases Gold by 100%) and World's Owner (increases Damage by 10% and Reduce Damage Taken by 10%).

New Class: Inquisitor (it's a Rank A class for Farm).

Weapons with Stable Damage: Weapons in the Rep Journey Shop will have Stable/Moderate Damage.

Buffed Items: All Coliseum Reward Shop items and World's Owner items in the Forge Shop will have a Damage Reduction Buff, all Alliance Pet Shop Pets increase Alliance Exp by 20%.
Legion Castle Event
The event will be permanent and will have new updates over time.

New Updates

New Map: /join LegionCastle.

New Title: Soul Eater (increases Gold by 50%).

New Class: Warlock (It's a Rank A Class).

Buffed Items: Legion Blade (increases Damage by 30%), Ultimate Legion Blade (increases Damage by 50%).
Halloween Event
Hello Adventurer, it's finally that time of year again where spirits are running free. Do you believe you have what it takes to face them ?

New Updates

New Maps: /join Halloween that will last until 11/05.

New Title: Halloween Survivor and when you equip it you get 15% more Exp and Rep.

New Class: Evolved PumpkinLord.

New Achievement: Halloween and when you get it you will have access to his exclusive Shop on the GameMenu.
Balance Event
New Updates

New Maps: /join Balance and /join Forest. The event and items will be permanent.

Daily Shop Update: All Boosts in the Daily Shop will now be 1 hour.

New Class: We will have a new class called Lord of Balance with a focus on attack and support. The class will be ideal against average bosses and for groups.

Updates in Crystals Shop

Juubi Star Sword -> Increases Damage by 20%
Sharingan Star Sword -> Increases Damage by 20%
Colorful Ultimate God Blade -> Increases Damage by 20% and Exp by 30%
Odin Spear -> Increases Exp by 30%
Odin Helm -> Increases Exp by 10%
Odin Cape -> Increases Exp by 10%
Odin Armor -> Increases Exp by 50%
New Updates

New Maps: /join Blacksmith, /join RockBird, /join FireDragon and /join Laboratory. All maps will be permanent and over time new items will be added in this event.

New Items

Divine Retribution -> Increases Damage by 30%
Supreme Oblivion Blade -> Increases Damage by 30%
Vampire Blade of Nulgath -> Increases Gold by 30%
Vampire of Nulgath -> Increases Gold by 50%
Vampireknight Helm of Nulgath -> Increases Gold by 20%
Consciousness Pet -> It has 3 Quests to help Farm DoomCoins

Additions to LQS

Techtronic Biker - 20, price - 15,000,000 Gold
Techtronic Biker Helm - 20, price- 1,000,000 Gold